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It's just like when I bump up on you though I seem so shy in front of you

I'm not shy now when you're gone

I'm always too shy now to let it show

If I were your lover I wouldn't be shy I'd let it go

'Cause you are a man-child, you have found a way to blend them both

When you said you wore your ball cap backward in the 6th-grade it was just so random

That It made me smile to see you shine

I couldn't help but smile to see your light

Go ahead switch it on whatever way you need to shine

'Cause I don't know if it could get much brighter

If you were my only son or something not so innocent

I don't think that my heart could grow much bigger

No, I don't think you would ever disappoint me


No, I don't

No, I don't

That time you burned me Blackalicious party tapes, and looked up at me whispering O.K.

My heart flew out of my body

Oh yeah, my heart leapt out over to you

If you were my lover I couldn't help it I'd let it flow

If I were your mother you couldn't help but to let it all go

Go ahead see it through whatever that might mean to you

'Cause you know that's what Alan Watts would do

I want to go back and give you the life that you somehow deserved

But you said that would ultimately change you

How could I change the person I'm so drawn to?


When will it stop?


Like it or not


I do

Oh, I do

One time you guessed three wines correctly in a row then asked me if that was

pretty good, right

I said that it was better than you could know

If I could give you all you never got before

You wouldn't need outward validation

To know when you are on to something

You've known back as far as you can remember

Allow yourself to pay attention because these feelings they don't just happen

Trust and believe you have it all inside you

Just look at me and know you're so much brighter

It's just like when I bump up on you though I seem so shy in front of you