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If you live in the southern Oregon or northern California area, you may want to consider booking Krista for a show. Please contact her via e-mail for the details surrounding this exciting opportunity.

If you prefer a more intimate atmosphere with a quieter, more mellow, acoustic feeling, you may want to consider booking Krista for a House Concert. Details about this venue are provided below:

What is a house concert?

House Concerts provide a rare opportunity for others to get to know and connect with musicians in a warm, inviting, and intimate atmosphere. Gracious hosts open their homes and invite performers into their living space so that friends and neighbors can have the opportunity to share in a once in a lifetime musical experience.

Why would someone choose to host a house concert?

People choose to host House Concerts for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include: getting to know musicians as both people and performers, creating a sense of artistic community, supporting alternative venues in which musicians can thrive and flourish, and inspiring musicians to take ownership over their respective artistic destinies.

Do I need a sound system?

Absolutely not. Krista and her band will provide and set up the professional sound system necessary for you to host her for your very own House Concert. Just let her know how many people will be attending, and she will plan accordingly.  

How do I arrange my home for a House Concert?

It is generally a good idea to choose one of your home's larger rooms or outdoor spaces to stage your House Concert. Decide, in advance, where you think it would be best to stage the performance and seat your audience, preferably away from frequently used traffic patterns.

What do I need to provide in order to host a House Concert?

Generally, you will only need to provide an ample amount of chairs, couches, sofas, and/or loveseats for your guests. You will want to arrange the seating so that the audience will easily be able to see the performer. You may also want to organize the seating to accommodate traffic patterns, entrances, and exits.

How is a House Concert funded?

Since a House Concert is a private (as opposed to a "business") affair, you will want to ask for a "donation" from each of your guests, which will go directly to the artist. Hosts are in charge of collecting guest donations and presenting the total donation amount to the artist at the close of the show. Hosts may either collect donations as the guests enter their home or wait until everyone is seated before collecting donations. Still other hosts may choose to pay the artist a flat fee if they would like to host a House Concert that is free to their guests.

Is there food and drink at a House Concert?

Absolutely! The specifics of the House Concert are left entirely to the host. Some hosts provide soft drinks, chips, vegetable plates, etc. for guests to snack on before the concert and/or during intermission. Some hosts ask guests to bring their own alcoholic beverages (BYOB). Still others choose to host a barbeque or potluck buffet during the house concert. As the host, it is entirely up to you!

What if some guests do not show up for the House Concert?

You will want to find out well ahead of time how many guests to expect.  I recommend asking guests to RSVP so that you will know exactly how may guests will attend. 

How long does the concert last?

Typically, Krista will perform two sets of about forty-five minutes each. There will be an intermission between the sets to give guests the opportunity to stretch their legs, grab a snack, use the restroom, get some air, etc. This is also an ideal time for guests to talk to Krista, purchase CDs, and ask for autographs.

When do I start planning for a House Concert?

It is probably best to start planning your House Concert at least one month in advance. The timeframe depends on Krista's availability, the host's planning skills, and the respective schedules of everyone involved.

Send an email here to ask about booking a house concert: