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The publication of Krista's first e-book, “Dark Endowment: A Modern Vampire Romance,” is currently underway. More information if currently available on Go to Kickstarter to pledge funds going toward its publication. More details to come. Anticipated publication date: August, 2012.

Novella Synopsis:

You are alone in a rambling house. You hear a knock at the door, jolting you from your slumber. You check the clock: midnight. Do you answer it? you?

Perhaps you shouldn’t.  It may be The Draugen coming to call.  A thousand-year-old clan of immortal undead, The Draugen, like vampires, sustain themselves by feasting on human blood.  Norse legend holds that The Draugen find their victims by knocking upon their doors after nightfall. 

But The Draugen aren't just a legend.  They are very real and have resurfaced in modern day San Francisco.  Two of the clan's eldest members become immersed in a struggle for a powerful amulet.  Ultimately, their feud culminates in a life or death battle for Trinity, a beautiful, young, human with a secret past.  One member of the clan wants to protect her; the other wants to destroy her.  Will good or evil triumph? Who will win the battle for Trinity’s soul?

 (It's all) About Me

In the beginning there was Jim Croce...then came Sheryl Crow, Clay Aiken, Ronnie Earl, Ellen Martinez, Lorena Gamboa (of Jorge and Lorena),and northern Minnesota's own Dave Peterson (of Cuyuna Creek Bluegrass). Now, busting the doors of the music industry wide open comes Krista Ravengael, the latest in a long line of special education teachers hell-bent on conquering the music world by storm. In a world where these brave individuals have faced not only the rigors of the classroom, but the terrors of the spotlight, only the strongest will go on to achieve the highest honors and most widespread stardom.

   While the initial seven members of the above teacher/musician consortium are widely-heralded as geniuses in their field, Krista remains somewhat of a musical anomaly. For those who still count themselves among the musically uninitiated, the time has come to light upon her first full-length CD, Thanks but No. In order to sufficiently do this, however, we must first present a mini-lesson about the career highlights of Krista Ravengael, the alternative music industry's newest and most exciting sensation:

  • On October 2, 2009, Krista released her first independently produced CD, Thanks, but No (which will be sure to garner her own shameless critical acclaim).

  • Krista's musical forays have oft considered to be the most astounding musical adventures to grace any stage or airway since Shawn Cassidy's groundbreaking album Under Wraps debuted in 1978.

  • Krista has been compared to many illustrious musicians and performers, including (but not limited to): Janis Joplin, Bette Midler, Frank Black, Carol Burnett (as well as the Carol on the original Bob Newhart Show), Kathy Griffin, Ann Magnuson, Larry David, Alice Ghostley (Bernice on Designing Women), and Jo Ann Worley (of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In fame).

  • Krista has opened for a wide variety of up-and-coming east coast musicians and performers (often without their express knowledge and/or consent).

  • Krista has a very special connection to her audience, and relates with them in a very personal, often frightening way.

  • Krista has been introduced as a "brilliant songwriter" (often under extreme duress) by some of the east and west coast's most cutting-edge singer-songwriters, musicians, and performers.

  • Krista's songwriting has been described as both a "searingly original and unapologetic slap to the temporal lobe" and an "irresistible if unabashedly blatant blend of insight and humor" (the latter description being written by herself).

  • Krista, herself, has been dubbed, "The Swedish Kathy Griffin set to music."

  • Krista has a vast amount of experience terrifying audiences by playing her live guerilla-style brand of music in small clubs and coffee shops along the east coast, and has recently made her home (to the dismay of many locals) in the scenic southern Oregon basin.

Krista Quotables (directed toward current and former Special Education teachers/musicians around the globe):

"Sheryl Crow, I’m gonna be soaking up your sun from now on."

"Ellen Martinez, don’t let that teaching license expire just yet."

"Jorge and Lorena Gamboa, get ready for some competition; Spring, Texas just might make it onto my 2010 touring schedule."

"Dave Peterson, if I were a resident of northern Minnesota, you would be trembling in your water-resistant boots right now–and not just from the cold!"

About Me


   Interested in music from a very young age, Krista wrote her first song ("Way Down South where the Elephants Shit their Butts") at 3 1/2 years of age.  Upon its completion, she immediately sang this prodigal hit into a plastic tape recorder (which was later destroyed), though, fortunately, has been preserved for posterity thanks to her cousin Aimee’s amazing memory and astounding recall. 

   Originally hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Krista grew up idolizing such pop culture icons as: Shaun Cassidy, Kiss, John Schneider (
Bo Duke), Robert Wagner (during his Hart to Hart phase), and Hutch (as opposed to Starsky).  At age 18 (not 19 1/2 as some records indicate), she graduated from The Pittsburgh High School for the Creative and Performing Arts (along with Chris Garver of Miami Ink fame).

   Upon graduating, Krista was accepted into the illustrious Musician’s Institute in Los Angeles, California.  Unsure of how to fend for herself in a substantially larger city, she decided, instead, to accept a Music scholarship at nearby Youngstown State University
Upon successfully completing the single longest school quarter of her adult life, Krista withdrew from this fine institution to attend Pittsburgh’s exclusive Community College of Allegheny County.

   Krista went on to attend many other illustrious academic institutions and even spent a semester overseas at London’s Richmond University.  Upon graduating from Pennsylvania’s Slippery Rock University with an English degree (after many semesters spent watching
Northern Exposure, The X-Files, Forever Night, and The Whoopie Goldberg Show), Krista moved back to Pittsburgh to begin her musical career in earnest.  Krista additionally holds degrees from The Ohio State University, Southern Oregon University, and Portland State University (none of them in Music).

   Krista makes her home in the southern Oregon basin and cultivates interests in David Duchovny’s aging process, prison shanks, new salad fixings, National Public Radio, Pug fold care, the Tarot, and outlandish British humor.  Having been stripped of all of her dignity (she is, after all, also a teacher), she spends her Friday nights weeping uncontrollably while watching CBS’s
The Ghost Whisperer.

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